Green your Django Project


to get an idea of what to change


you can use to start, and where to get help


Why you might do this



Why you might care

Winning too slowly is the same as losing now



how to work out what you might change

Your platform

Your providers

Your provisioning

Your platform

If you can see it, it's easier to talk about it

"We have a whiteboard"

"We have UML for that. We can generate it from the code"

Meet the C4 model

Not my model, but I like it. is the canonical source of info

“Agree on a simple set of abstractions that the whole team can use to communicate.”

“Draw a number of simple diagrams at different levels of abstraction”




Code (or classes)


Should be readable by non-technical users

Who are the users?

What does it do for its users?

What services does it talk to, to do this?



Aimed at technical audiences

What technologies are being used?

How do they talk to each other?

What does a deployment look like?



Aimed at technical audiences

What libraries are in use?

Where are the boundaries between parts of a system?

Which bits of the codebase are ours?

Code (or classes)

Aimed at technical audiences

How is it implemented?

Which API methods are public?

Insert best practices for $LANG here

A real life example I've used before

Trying this out

(you probably won't have time, but you can start) and c4

Free. OSS. Extendable. Works with your tooling.


More on C4

Finishing this will give you an inventory of stuff in your stack

Your providers

Who's running the infra in stack?

If it's you

  • Where are your servers?
  • How do you source your power?
  • How do account for emissions from electicity?

It's getting easier to use green power

*Some* of AWS is green

If it's someone else

  • Where are their servers?
  • How do they source their power
  • How do they account for emissions?

hook it to your CI system


(like robots.txt, but for green IT infra. Please talk to me about implementing this after)

The new thing we're doing at The Green Web Foundation

Your provisioning

How well can you match capacity to usage?

Usage isn't constant

many workloads are spiky or drop to zero for extended periods… applications used in the workplace may only be active for 40 of the 168 hours in a week.

Adrian Cockroft

@adrianco: AWS, ex Netflix

Seeing your usage patterns

Physical servers

💸🔥 = 🌍🔥


Scale in/out to match demand

Functions / serverless

Shift costs to coding / lock-in

Pricing Bare Metal Iaas / PaaS FaaS
Compute Entire Server VPS, Dynos, Containers, etc. Lambda
Storage Physical disks Virtual Volumes S3
Database Your own Db Server AWS Aurora RDS, Cloud SQL AWS Aurora Serverless

Applying this

twitter: @climateActTech

also join the slack!

Green your Django Project

By Chris Adams

Green your Django Project

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