What is that, Behaviors?

> A Little check-up

From ze docs

A Behavior is an isolated set of DOM / user interactions that can be mixed into any View or another Behavior.

Behaviors allow you to blackbox View-specific interactions into portable logical chunks, keeping your Views simple and your code DRY.


Explanations and implementation details were perfectly presented by Stéphane Bachelier at Backbone.js Paris S01E06

A pratical example

Testing your behaviors, just do it!

> problems

PB #1 : how to Test the API?

const Alert = Marionette.Behavior.extend( {

  defaults: {
    title: "Alert!",
    message: "Not really urgent"

  events: {
    "click": "emitAlert"

  emitAlert() {
    alert( this.options.message );

} );
it( "should emit an alert", () => {

  // => This won't work
  expect( Behavior.emitAlert() ).toEmitAnAlert();

} );

PB #2 : Coupling with the view

To test a Behavior independently from a view:

  • a lot of setup
  • no real value added
  • don't verify that Behavior-View actually works
    in the reality of our application

PB #3 : test code duplication

Testing the Behavior-View interaction in every views tests suite…

A PROPOSed Solution

Great articles about that

Thanks! Any question?

Testing Marionette.js Behaviors

By Nicolas Carlo

Testing Marionette.js Behaviors

Testing Marionette.js Behaviors. Talk presented on November 10th, 2015 at Backbone.js Paris S02E01 meetup.

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