internship presentation


Aleksandra Wrońska

internship goals

  • create professional web design
  • build complex websites
  • use "means" according to "needs"
  • work in "Dutch" environment
  • answer the question:
Is this what I want to do ???

Company description:

Innovadis Group develops E-commerce websites and has more than 17 years of experience in working on web market.

Company consists of three departments:


    Full service online marketing agency which focuses on

    Search Engine Optimization.

    Provides maximum conversion for e-commerce

    websites and is one of the founders of Search Engine Marketing in Netherlands.


    Provides tools for SEO. Tools are built with support from web designers and large multinationals that execute full control on e-commerce branch. 


    Innovadis designs and develops web shops,websites and internet

    solutions. It is an experienced company which turned many e-commerce websites

    into online success.

    Innovadis is the foundation of the company and main location of web development. It involves around 15 developers where each of them has their own specialization.

    My position in this department: webdesigner and web developer

    Working method

    ...keep the flow going...

    responsive design


    Learning objectives 

    • working with existing website
    • working with CMS
    • designing layouts
    • modifying content (HTML)
    • creating style (CSS)
    • implementing logic (JavaScript)
    • using jQuery plugins 
    • analyzing interaction design

    working for clients

    B2B - bussiness to bussiness

    B2C - bussines to consumer

    • document design (huisstijl)
    • layout for hand-outs
    • creating illustrations
    • designing page screenshots
    • designing exemplary web pages             

    Learning exercises

     Big role in internship plays research and constant learning. 

    I learned that...

    ...Where is a product - there is always room for improvement

    ...Simple solutions are always best

    ...Design is so little about the look

    ...I should always document my work


    The main result of my work is fully responsive website of Innovadis.

    I produced various graphic artworks and layouts.

    I wrote complex documentation of all my work and my learning process.

    I published my first online article.

    I gained practical knowledge and experience
    for future interns...

    Do your internship and do it right!

     It is OK to not know what to do 

    internship presentation

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    internship presentation

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