Road Completion Project

Towards a complete and validated OSM street network for Belgium

Ben Abelshausen & Joost Schouppe

OpenStreetMap Belgium


'State of the Map' in Belgium

- Excellent basemap.

- Excellent state of transport-related data

  - Good quality road network.

  - Good quality transit data.

- Reasonable landuse.

- Basic address coverage

How far along are we?

How do we know?

What if things change?

Road Completion

Road Completion

Not about copying


Road Completion

Not about changing the way we map!

Road Completion

- Change detection, spot changes faster

- Completeness & quality assurances.

Road Completion Project

  1. Compare OSM <-> Other data
  2. Mapping!
  3. Feedback

Loop 1

Loop 2

Step1 : Comparison

Step2 : Mapping

Step3 : Feedback




OSM (buffers)




(v 0.1)


(v 0.1)



Mid-term goals

  • Verify OSM road network.
  • Generate quality metrics for OSM roads in Belgium
  • Publish false positives



Do this is in the open, use open-source tools and open-data so everyone can run their own!

Who's the best?

What's the best way to work together?

A validated OpenStreetMap is easier to talk to

A validated Road Registry is easier to listen to

From Flanders to the world

Not just powered by tech

Powered by love

Tools for governments

  • Message feed about missing roads in government data in your commune
  • Validate Wegenregister with OpenStreetMap
  • Quality metrics of Wegenregister

Validate traffic signs

And use open street view platforms together




  • A costless (or very cheap) datasource.
  • Quality checked and verified.
  • Almost always up-to-date.
  • Still community-driven!



Who can compete with this?

(almost) nobody

Commercially available data?




Join us!

Try it yourself at


Use our data and talk to the

A framework made for working together

De Lijn

- Mapping & validation of bus routes.

- Mapping & validation of bus stops.


- Mapping & validation of buildings/roads/addresses.

Cyclenetworks & tourism data

- Mapping & validation of cyclenetworks.

- Routing applications for this data.

Cyclenetworks & tourism data

An Open Summer of Code project

Machine learned traffic signs for OSM

Our community:





About us

We are:

Ben Abelshausen

Board member of OpenStreetMap Belgium/Open Knowledge Belgium

Routing and mobility expert:



Joost Schouppe

Board  member of OpenStreetMap

Former GIS at Stad Antwerpen

Geospatial Analist at Provincies in Cijfers





Road Completion Project - AIV Trefdag

By osmbe

Road Completion Project - AIV Trefdag

This talk is about the link between open (geo) data and OSM. The talk will focus first on a more high level overview of what the goal of the Road Completion Project is and how this could enable OSM to become thé references for road network data. Secondly we will go into the practical approach and how we go about accomplishing this project.

  • 1,912