Are Screen Doors Safe?

Having a cool breeze helps cool off a home with out the aid, and expense, of a cooling system. We've all enjoyed the comforts of an open window or door on a breezy day. A lot of people enjoy it so much that they install a screen door just for this purpose.


Screen doors have some advantages. They can be fitted with a door lock for protection. They also allow you to enjoy the fresh air with out having to deal with flies and other bugs entering your home.


Screen doors, however, are not very secure as far as doors go. If you are determined to buy a screen door, be sure you do some research and find the best screen doors that aid with home protection. Normal screen doors can easily be kicked in by burglars.



Make sure there are at least three fixed hinges that cannot be removed. If the hinges are recessed that is even better. If you have recessed hinges burglars won't be a big enough gap between the door and the frame for a burglar to jimmy it open.


A lot of screens can easily be cut through, so be sure the mesh is strong enough to withstand this type of assault. The screen of the door should be made of a strong material as well. The strongest mesh grades are either 316 or 304.


Be certain that the door has a good lock. Three point door locks are a good investment because it is very difficult to force open the door or rip the door from its hinges. You can also use a solid grill on your screen door, but it is only going to be a security measure for home protection if it is secured to the frame of the door.


At Pacific Screen Doors, security doors and Windows provide a security barrier to unlawful entry to your home, discouraging intruders. They also provide protection from flies, mosquitoes, and other pests.

Are Screen Doors Safe?

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Are Screen Doors Safe?

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