Adding a Pet Screen Door to Your Home

Patio pet doors are a favorite amongst animal lovers since they give your pet the freedom to go outside whenever they want. Formerly, these were only available for installation on traditional doors, thus when you have the door open but the screen door closed, your pet door becomes wasted. Now, thanks to pet screen doors, you can enjoy those benefits all the time!


These pet doors are designed to be installed in the your door's screen. There are 2 types, unsupported screen doors which are supported by nothing more than the screen itself, and supported screen storm doors which are usually partially supported by the frame of the screen or storm door, itself.


Unsupported screen doors are recommended for smaller and less aggressive pets only. A pet that is too large or is aggressive is more likely to damage the sensitive screen when trying to enter or leave the house.

Partially supported storm doors, such as those made by Hale, are fastened to the bottom and side of the frame. Of course, this means that the unit can only be installed on the bottom left or right hand side of the door. Pet patio doors are also not likely to have locks, the logic being that locked doors will encourage your pet to paw or scratch your screen instead. With a pet screen door, you can enjoy the weather, be free of bugs, and still let your animal go leave and come back as it pleases.


Since there is substantially less material required on pet patio doors, they cost much less than other pet doors. A pet storm door can be had for as little as $20! Patio pet doors have wonderful effects on your animals' psyche. Owners usually find that their pet is happier now that they do not have to rely on you whenever they want to go outside. Coincidentally, owners find themselves happier for exactly the same reason.


At Pacific Screen Doors we offer quality pet products for your screening needs from leading manufacturers such as Phifer, Active Window Products & Pride.


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