LAB #1: Popathon

Webdox, Leuven | 7 May 2014

Philo van Kemenade  @phivk

Gilles Pradeau @LearningToCount

#popathon -



Wire Framing
Stand-up Catch-up




Prototype presentations

 Web-Native storytelling 

A way of enabling an experience

using the capability of the web
as a mechanism for narration

from the start of the authoring process

Let me introduce the word “hypertext” to mean a body of written or pictorial material interconnected in such a complex way that it could not conveniently be presented or represented on paper.

Films, sound recordings, and video recordings are also linear strings, basically for mechanical reasons. But these, too, can now be arranged as non-linear systems—for instance, lattices—for editing purposes, or for display with different emphasis. [...] The hyperfilm—a browsable or vari-sequenced movie—is only one of the possible hypermedia that require our attention.



 The Guardian - Firestorm 


 Alma - A Tale of Violence Web doc



 Do Not Touch - Crowd-sourced music video


 Eva Domínguez, Gerado García, Juan Gomis, 
 Andreu Meixide, Berto Yáñez 

 Dynamic - I Dare You 







 Popathon Objectives 

Make use of your team's skills

Prototype a story experience
that turns a viewer into a user 

5 min final presentation

 Links, Tools, Tips, etc 

 Have Fun! 

Popathon @ Webdox 2014

By Philo van Kemenade

Popathon @ Webdox 2014

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