• Cicer cum Caule at Uroboros Festival 2021

  • Giving more than expected

  • Photogrammetry @ StoryFutures Academy

    Introduction to Photogrammetry Workshop @ StoryFutures Academy

  • Front End Circle - Component Driven Development

    A look at Component Driven Development and Storybook during our semi regular informal Front End Circle meetup at the Nederlands Institute of Sound and Vision.

  • We Need Mirrors

    3D scanning planet Earth, inspired by Stanislaw Lem's Solaris. Workshop at Digital Cultures, Warsaw.

  • Intro to Photogrammetry

    An introduction to photogrammetry workshop at Stirling University

  • Chat Bots for Cultural Heritage 💬🤖

    Workshop at Stirling University, August 2019

  • Intro to Photogrammetry

    An introduction to photogrammetry at the National Film & Television School

  • ML x GLAM

    Talk about the multiplication of Machine Learning and the Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums sector, at the Museums + AI Network conference at Goldsmiths College London

  • Sensorium 2019 Theme & Conference Highlights

  • Nuxt.js for Microsites

    A skill sharing session about developing microsites / apps with Nuxt.js

  • Storytellers United Hack Jam Manchester

    27-28 February 2019 Combining Video, Data and the Web for responsive storytelling experiences In 36 hours, participants will team up to brainstorm ideas, create open-source projects and demo prototypes of their own responsive/perceptive storytelling experiences. Teams will have access to unreleased cutting-edge tools and be mentored by experts from research and industry sharing their knowledge and expertise. In collaboration with BBC R&D and the University of York

  • Non-fiction Storytelling with Chat Bots 💬🤖

    Workshop at Story Code Warsaw, December 2018

  • Cultural Collections & Digital Dialogues

    Talk at Story Code Warsaw, December 2018

  • Intro to Photogrammetry

    An introduction to photogrammetry

  • Follower VR Documentation

    Follower VR: a playfully disturbing social VR game

  • Intro to Photogrammetry

    An introduction to photogrammetry

  • Weaving Webs of Digitised Pearls

    Talk at Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin about connecting digital collections to human beings through stories and other kinds of webs.

  • Night of Chances Bratislava

    talk at the Night of Chances Bratislava 2018

  • Augmenting an art-history exhibition with a web-native long form story

    Talk at MCNx London: The story behind the Slovak National Gallery's long-form storytelling project augmenting its recent exhibition 'Dream × Reality: Art & Propaganda 1939 – 1945': collaboration, iterative development and fighting neo-nazi conspiracy theories through SEO and online ads.

  • Follower VR

    a show and tell about a playfully disturbing social VR game

  • Augmenting an art-historical exhibition with a web-native long-form story

    talk at regional ICOM conference at Moravian Gallery in Brno

  • Connecting the dots

    talk at Future of Adaptive Narratives event, October 2017

  • VR Diorama Brief

  • Intro to Photogrammetry

    An introduction to photogrammetry.

  • Connecting the dots

    talk about digital collections at PyCon SK

  • AI in Design

  • VR for Documentary

    A selection of projects using Virtual Reality as a medium for documentary storytelling

  • Popathon A Coruña 2016

  • Popathon Berlin 2016

  • VR Taster @ Sheffield Hallam University

  • Popathon Barcelona 2016

  • NFTS Hack WeekNFTS Hack Week

  • Intermediate Python [WIP]

  • Pohoda Design Kit

  • VR Taster Workshop

  • DocFest Interactive Filmmaking Panel

    Looking at Popcorn at the Sheffield DocFest Interactive Filmmaking Panel

  • Popathon Barcelona #3

  • Popathon Berlin #1

  • Delivering the Phenomenal

    Talk at Devise to Deliver XX, April 2015

  • Authoring Interactive Video on the Time-Based Web

  • Interactive HTML5 Video with Popcorn

  • Popathon Warwick

  • Show & Tell @Tate

    A 15 min show and tell about making digitally, practicing open collaborative innovation & the future of storytelling

  • Getting started with Interactive Video

  • Popathon #BDF14

    Slides for Popathon at #BDF14

  • Copy of Popathon London #3

    Slides for Popathon London #3

  • Popathon London #3

    Slides for Popathon London #3

  • BBC R&D Popcorn Maker Workshop

    An introduction to Popcorn Maker

  • What the Hack?

    Session at Sheffield Interactive 2014

  • Popathon InterDocs 2014

    Slides for Popathon InterDocs 2014

  • Popathon @ Webdox 2014

  • Darklight Storytelling Hack Jam

  • Popathon Paris #2

    Slides for Popathon Paris 29 - 30 March 2014

  • Lighthouse Show & Tell

    A show and tell at Lighthouse

  • Popathon @ i-Docs

    Slides for Popathon @ i-Docs 2014

  • What we learned over a weekend of hacking

    Learnings from organising an international series of web-native storytelling hackathons

  • Web-Native Authoring between Text Editors and Authoring Tools

  • Webscraping with Python

    A practical introduction to webscraping with Python

  • Web-native video with Popcorn.js

  • Popathon Barcelona

    Slides for Popathon Barcelona 30 November - 1 December 2013

  • Popathon Paris

  • Born on the web

    Reframing storytelling of the web

  • PopathonLondon2

    Slides for Popathon London #2, a hackathon event bringing together filmmakers, web developers and designers to collaborate on interactive online video stories.

  • Introduction to Programming in Python

    A practical introduction to programming through the Python programming language

  • Popathon Hack Jam

  • Interactive video with Popcorn

    A workshop about making interactive video with Popcorn Maker and Popcorn.js