Connecting the dots

Breathing life into digital collections

Philo van Kemenade

PyCon SK, Bratislava
11 March 2017

this talk

a word about collecting

digitised collections at SNG

breathing life into digital collections



what you

You are

"The secret is in the game.
It is the first game of chance for children.

The feeling when opening the packet is the same as slowly opening a poker hand."

- Umberto Panini

Physical collections

space bound

single view

prone to damage

not so accessible

web umenia

makes art accessible beyond the gallery

enables 'easy' reproductions

let's you download & remix open access content

has an API

let's visitor personalise their experience

provides SNG with data about visitors' interest

makes artworks shareable

is forkable on GitHub

uses PHP, Laravel, Elastic Search, OpenSeaDragon

that's all great


how to make it more than a digital version of this?

It’s not about creating different exhibits and programs, it’s about creating different visitor experiences.

John H. Falk

Museums are experience factories
[they] have the power to make us respond, to engage, to experience, to feel.

Gavin Mallory - CogApp

breathing life

into digital collections



Bengler & Nasjonal Museet Norway

Principal Components

Bengler & Nasjonal Museet Norway

Principal Components



( digitize! )

show off online


facilitate experiences, weave webs, tell stories

enjoy the experience!

Happy collecting!


Connecting the dots

By Philo van Kemenade

Connecting the dots

talk about digital collections at PyCon SK

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