Intro to Photogrammetry

19 June 2017


Philo van Kemenade




is the science of making measurements from photographs


reconstructs 3D points and shapes
based on shared features amongst a set of images

When taking photos, your object needs to be always in view.


When scanning a free-standing object, encircle it, then focus on more complex details.

When photographing make sure that:

  • Your white balance is set manually
  • Your exposure is fixed
  • Your subject is in focus in every shot
  • As much of the scene as possible is in focus (avoid zooming / shallow dept of field)
  • If possible, enable HDR, mainly if your object is partly in shade

Please capture:

  • 3 small objects (smaller than a laptop)
  • 2 bigger objects (bigger than a laptop)



Shared notepad

Useful Links


Photogrammetry 3D reconstruction:

  • VisualSFM : A Visual Structure from Motion System: (an alternative to PhotoScan)



Useful Links


Artists using photogrammetry

        Clement Valla 

    Hugo Arcier  

    Charles Sainty

    Lorna Barnshaw 


These slides:

This workshop and slides are inspired by the Exquisite City workshop by James George and Alexander Porter from the awesome SPECULAR Scatter studio.

They make, teach and share amazing stuff, check them out!

Intro to Photogrammetry

By Philo van Kemenade

Intro to Photogrammetry

An introduction to photogrammetry.

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