What we Learned over a

Weekend of Hacking


#HHBer #21

27 November 2014

Philo van Kemenade  @phivk

 What we Learned over a Weekend of Hacking

Open City Docs Fest  | #Popathon

21 June 2014

Philo van Kemenade  @phivk

 An Email 

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Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2013 19:48:28 +0000

From: Webdoc

To: community-popcorn@mozilla.org

Subject: [Popcorn] Hackathon soon in Europe?

Message-ID: <5111620C.10500@budgetparticipatif.info>

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Hello !

I'm living in Lisbon, in Portugal and I'm starting a documentary movie called "Learning to count" about a democratic innovation called "Participatory budgeting".

We are looking for some support, since we don't have yet anyone in the team really able to contribute to Popcorn.js

I've just seen that a popcorn workshop few weeks ago in Barcelona. But I was wondering if any of you were aware of anything in Europe in the next months. I'm really interested into organizing/being part of hackathon in june.

One of our perspective is carrying on this project next year with more youngsters involved. We've made a short video for a crowfunding campaign : http://vimeo.com/57984836

We are shooting until december in Europe, mainly in France, Portugal and the UK and we are looking to develop a webnative project with a collaborative platform ( we want our documentary to be open source with pictures or videos from local communities thanks to free workshops and using free code). One model would be Land of opportunity...

Thank you for your consideration.


 A Workshop 




 Web-Native storytelling 

A way of enabling an experience

using the capability of the web
as a mechanism for narration

from the start of the authoring process


 Filmmaking is a bit like sculpting 

 WebMaking is more like lego 

Venus de Milo  by dm_meister


 Libraries & Frameworks 



 The web is full of Stories 

 waiting to be told 


Eva Domínguez, Gerado García, Juan Gomis, Andreu Meixide, Berto Yáñez

 the Web 

 as mirror 

 of the City 

 BCN Says 

 Irene Gil, Océane Apffel-Font, Andrea Traldi, Lucia Andújar, Cláudio Silva and Berto Yáñez  

 Can Vies Tomorrow 

 Eva Ariño, Eduard Calvet, Xes Chapela, Angela Gómez, Aïda Sanchez, Roger Soldevila, Maria Yáñez & Simón Duflo  

 Story Meets Gaming 


 Block Seven 

 J ames Milton, Jordie Montevecchi, Julie Koie, Muhammad Khaleel Jaffer 





What the Hack?!

 Break it Down 




What we learned over a weekend of hacking

By Philo van Kemenade

What we learned over a weekend of hacking

Learnings from organising an international series of web-native storytelling hackathons

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