The end of individual car ownership?

 Nick Hilhorst, BeNeLux Manager Uber

"Public transport is and will always be the most efficient way to move large amounts of people in dense city areas."

Euthanasia of the salary car

Miel Horsten, Chairman RENTA & CEO ALD BeNeLux

"Private lease will be a step-in-between private car ownership and mobility-as-a-service.

We will have the complete wipe-out of the current mobility eco-system by 2030."

Policies and new regulation in a time of shared and autonomous mobility

Filip Boelaert, Secretary-general Flemish Department of Mobility and Public Works

"We're coming from 'Uber, that's impossible' to
'Uber, let's make that possible'


As a government we make rules that leave room for innovation & creativity, while we safeguard a level-playing field"


Sustainable mobility planning for the Brussels region

 Christophe Vanoerbeek, Director-general Brussels Mobility

"Two areas are the skeleton of GoodMove:

- Alleviation of living areas: living in the city is  a pleasure again

- Maas: open back-ends, mobihubs, cyclism & new mobility services"


"Transport authorities need to establish new rules for all mobility providers as well as for all MaaS providers


- giving access to data and

- giving access to services (ticketing & payment)"

ITS.be congress - CEO debate - 03/10/2019

By Pieter Morlion

ITS.be congress - CEO debate - 03/10/2019

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