Piotr Jasiński

About me

  • 10+ years of APEX experience
  • APEX instructor
  • APEX Themes designer


Wrocław, Poland



  • mountain trekker + beer enthusiast

      :=  beer trekking

Make It Pretty

MIP it!

The project

Customer input

Brand design rules

Home page of the company

Pages they like

Aspects to consider

What type of application is it ?

Home Page,  ERP / CRM, Data Showcase

Who will use it?

Small group / Public

Non technical

Server configuration

APEX version, access to static files

End users minimal specs

Type and version of Browser, Screen size, Mobile ?


The Designer

The Dictator

Design rules in APEX

  • colors to for buttons - Create / Delete / Cancel
  • default templates and default template options for all elements (regions, reports etc.)

Be Consistent

Design rules in APEX

  • use icons to indicate type of element
  • use Item help and page help to explain the feature when neded 
  • don't reinvent the wheel - follow design standards

Make It Intuitive

Design rules in APEX

  • inform users about theirs actions - use success messages
  • if an action takes longer use apex.util.showSpinner
  • don't surprise users with  sudden show / hide action - use animations

Be responsive

Keep it simple

I like flat design

and breakfast food


Ron Swanson



  • Use right size - headers should be recognizable 
  • Maximum 2 type of fonts per application.



  • Use right size - headers should be recognizable 
  • Maximum 2 type of fonts per application.

Font sources:

Colors rules

  • One dominant color
  • 3 additional ones that are complementary to the dominant
  • white, black and gray are not colors
  • keep the right contrast for font

(use contrast checker - eg. https://contrastchecker.com ) 


High quality images

Have Imagination

or Google it!

mockup from Imagination

Natasoko World Design

Know your APEX

Show Theme Application

APEX Themes by Example

Thank You

MIP - Make It Pretty

By Piotr Jasiński

MIP - Make It Pretty

Is your application a standard APEX design? Do you need to refresh it, and make your users happy while using them? Make It Pretty! MIP is a common abbreviations we use after main development is done. It works - now MIP it! This short lesson will give you know how from 10 year of expirience from APEX-Designers.com main theme developer. I'll go through all aspects of design and good looks for your APEX application: your work, customer input, development team manage, technology use. All those will help you to develop better looking apps. So let's start MIP and give your users experience some good images as at the end we all buy it with our own eyes.

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