Converting Usage Statistics Into Insights

Suvidha is a data analysis tool that:

  1. Studies user's usage patterns.
  2. Recommends optimal plans based on the pattern.
  3. Provides Airtel an understanding about:
  • How a package is performing ?
  • How it can be improved ?


Converting Data Into Insights


  1. Study usage for past 6 months.
  2. Classify usage stats into plan preferences.
  3. Add user's choice to existing database of usage patterns.
  4. Admin views detailed analysis of user data on a gross level.
  5. Design market strategies based on the usage patterns.


Primary use cases of / MyAirtel

  • Checking remaining data, balance
  • Provide a customized suggestion that impacts transparency
  • Saves money directly

Improve the use case by incorporating Suvidha into existing services: 


  • Recharging

Extended Use Cases

  • IPTV
  • DTH
  • Broadband
  • VoIP

Suggesting better plan based on
users' preferred channels

Better plan recommendations based on

users' bandwidth consumption

Tech Stack

  • Python (NumPy For GaussianNB classification)
  • MongoDB
  • Flask (RESTful API)

REST API can be extended to app or any other platform

Product Demo


By Prabhanshu Gupta