Vande Mataram Library

By Prashant Tiwari

The Vision

To create the best technical resources for studying, learning, discussing and promoting Sanskrit.

The Problem

  • Scattered resources
  • Less than great user experience
  • Accessibility across multiple platforms
  • Personalisation

The Solution

  • In-depth analysis and inspired translations
  • Intuitive organisation
  • Fluid and modern user experience and design
  • Tailored to each individual user
  • Comprehensive search
  • Promote sharing and collaboration
  • Provide the best solution for each platform

Analysis & Translation


  • Record the roots, prefixes, suffixes, POS of each word
  • Record the textual and metrical analyses of each verse
  • Cross-reference and tag related documents
  • Evolve a peer-review system to establish the most authentic and reliable translations


  • /mahabharata
  • /mahabharata/6
  • /mahabharata/6/24
  • /mahabharata/6/24#p2
  • /mahabharata/6/24#p2-3,11-53,55-72

On Learning Sanskrit

I learnt Sanskrit by reading the Naladamayanti episode in the Mahabharat ... with minute care several times.

- Sri Aurobindo


  • Save progress, favourites, bookmarks
  • Create and share collections around themes or episodes
  • Compile into downloadable e-books
  • Order a custom printed book


  • Search the original texts
  • Search by metadata (e.g. the epoch, the Rishi, devatā, chhanda)
  • Search by relevance (tags, cross-references)


  • Start and manage theme-based blogs
  • Collaborate on curated collections
  • Automatically reference the entire corpus from all these tools

Advanced Computing

  • Apply Deep Language Understanding for automation, and to surface interesting patterns of word usage throughout history
  • Study the evolution of root sounds and their metamorphosis into word families as received today

Open source

Thank you

Vande Mataram Library

By Prashant Tiwari

Vande Mataram Library

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