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Today's Talk

Small Changes, Big Impacts -- Practical Performance in Python

by Tyler Blair

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PyCon US

May 12 - 18, Online

DjangoCon Europe

June 2 - 6, Online


  • Python 3.7.10 and 3.6.13 security updates now available
  • Django security releases issued: 3.1.7, 3.0.13 and 2.2.19

Reading for the Month

Classes & Subclasses in Python​

  • Some good example for class and class inheritance

Why Bother Using Property Decorators in Python?

  • Code examples of use cases of decorators: data validation, data operation, lazy loading, debugging and monitoring

Modern Functions in Python 3

  • Examples for functions and function annotations

Creating File Canaries with Python

  • Demo of creating a file alerting system and send emails automatically

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PyYYC Feb 24 2021

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