Mobile frameworks comparison 

What we will see

  • Phonegap/cordova
  • jQueryMobile
  • SenchaTouch
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Topcoat
  • Ionic
  • Intel AppFramework


Cordova = opensource heart of Phonegap

It makes possible to use native functionality,
from webapps.

No UI, but most of the existing frameworks use it.


Phonegap is to Cordova
 Chrome is to Chromium.

A (enhanced) proprietary build
of an opensource project

jQuery Mobile

This is a fullstack framework build on top of jQuery

  • Open-source
  • Good support, community
  • Cross support (Android, iOs, Blackberry, etc.)
  • Theme roller

  • Native feeling: true apps not websites

jQuery Mobile

Mostly based on data- attributes,
to render specific UI components

Sencha Touch

Framework full-stack, from Sencha Foundation

  • Nice Support
  • Lot of functionnalities
  • Almost Stable

  • Painful to learn
  • All code is only Javascript, even for UI
  • Awesome Fastbook story

    Native feel

Twitter Bootstrap

Very popular in website design
It's a set of web resources to get nice UI,
and rich components

It automatically manage media-queries

Almost nothing to do!

Use it for responsive sites


This is a set of CSS resources from Adobe

Use snippets to get rich components

Designed to be super-fast

Use it for responsive sites



Based on AngularJS
Top UI components pixels-perfects

Build for native feeling apps



Intel AppFramework

Fullstack from Intel, for native feel!

Mobile frameworks comparison

By Gonthier Olivier

Mobile frameworks comparison

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