Any Idea about mozilla?

So, You mean..

Any Idea about this logo?

Firefox is a Product of

Mozilla Community

Products of Mozilla

Firefox OS

Open Source Mobile Operating System


A better and simple way to Sign-In


Make Something Better with the Web
(using Thimble, Popcorn, X-Ray G)


Safe, Fast and Easy e-mail


Bug Tracking System to help manage
software development


Inspect, Analyze and Debug

Opportunities With Mozilla

  1. SUMO - Help Others using Firefox
  2. Localization - Translate Mozilla Products
  3. Web Development - Code with Mozilla Projects
  4. Firefox OS - Create Firefox OS Applications
  5. Add-Ons - Build Your Own add-ons
  6. Documentation - Make our Documentation Better
  7. Visual Design - Use your creativity to create design  
  8. Education - Webmeker to learn and explore creativity


We Fight for Users!

Why would you help angry people if you could have a party instead?


There's a fox trying to keep Web Open

And there’s coding and QA, and UX and PR, marketing and more.

Sometime things get difficult for users...

Someone has to be the HERO! (SUMO)

How to Contribute ??

Translate help articles in your language!

 Help Users on Twitter!