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Promises & Achievements

Real Time Requirements - Being Achieving

Guru Payouts - Live

Robust Guru App - In process

Automation of quick books  - In process

Different table for lead creation - Live

Suggested Gurus Call Disposition - Live

More achievements & promises ...

Windows App - In process

iOS launch - Done (Approval Pending)

Boost Opportunity - Live

Relive Opportunity - Live

Lead Duplicity  - in process


Q-Buddy | New lead and call back notification - 24th Dec

Refer and Earn in Guru App - 10th Jan

Customer App Development - 28th Jan (starts)

On ground team app development - 1st Jan (starts)

 Customer Payments - 30th Dec

Windows App - 28th Dec

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Q - Tech v3.0

By Raj Suthar

Q - Tech v3.0

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