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Don't be a jerk

Who am I?

  • Kāi Tahu, Kāti Mamoe, Waitaha
  • BSc Compsci, BA Maths and Māori Studies
  • One of the original Koha developers
  • Working at Catalyst IT
  • Hates video conferencing

See this? Don't do this


The world will be a better place: This is fairly obvious, but it bears saying anyway. The IT industry can be a hostile place, lets make it better not worse.


Selfish reasons:

Stuff you put out in public on the internet is permanent, things you say now will be there for your future employers, significant others and friends to discover. There is no delete button for the internet.


People help nice people, people don't help those that offend them.

You don't have to publish everything

You can't win the internet

Behaviour tips

  • Be polite: It never hurts to say please or thank you.
  • Trolls: There will be annoying people, don't empower them by knee jerk reactions to their statements. But do not let bad behaviour go unchecked, that creates a place no one wants to be.
  • Don't Assume: Assumption is the mother of all ....
  • Remember no one is truly anonymous: Don't say anything in email or online that you wouldn't say in real life
  • Follow the 3 step rule: Write, wait, delete or send

As in the rest of life, don't go out of your way to offend people. Try to avoid using loaded language, avoid all the isms. It's far better to be called politically correct, than be an offensive jerk.

17:07 psychokiller> can you give some advice on how can i install it ?
17:07 psychokiller> everything they 've told me is false
17:08 hdl_laptop> psychokiller: I donot think this is the way to ask for help
17:09 psychokiller> well I can be more specific
17:09 psychokiller> but I want to know if someone is eager to help me
17:09 psychokiller> because i have to switch to UBUNTU
17:12 toins> psychokiller: what's wrong ?
17:22 psychokiller> i followed the steps
17:22 psychokiller> and it didnt work

How not to ask for help

Beware of trolls

How to ask questions so you get an answer

Remember someone is always watching

Don't be a jerk

By Chris Cormack