Using JavaScript Bookmarklets to Inspect ArcGIS Server services

By: Ken Doman

ESRI Developer Summit - 2016


  • Organizes services
  • Clear heirarchy
  • Multiple formats (HTML, JSON, etc.)
  • Easy to navigate
  • Clean HTML forms and content

Not so good

  • Narrow focus
  • Must navigate to each service and layer to collect / catalog information
  • No search
  • Minimal assistance on page

ArcGIS Server REST Services

ESRI REST Diagnostics


  • JavaScript bookmarklet applications
  • Work directly on REST Service HTML page
  • Collect and data on ArcGIS REST services
    • Requests data from REST JSON or page links
    • Presents data in a readable format
  • Assists with REST Service Useability

Why use Bookmarklets?

  • Support in all major desktop browsers
  • Easy to install (just drag to bookmark bar)
  • Self-contained applications
    • Almost no third party libraries
    • ArcGIS JavaScript API is used to draw maps
  • Can run behind firewall
  • Works with user permissions in browser
  • Spatial Reference Comparison
  • Map Service Data Extractor
  • Map Viewer *
  • Feature Counter
  • Layer Data Extractor
  • Tile Service Tester
  • Map Viewer *
  • Field Value Testers

  • Domain Data Counter
  • Select By Attributes
  • REST Search
  • Print Task Made Easy
  • Geometry Helper *

REST Diagnostic Tools

* Uses ArcGIS JavaScript API


Map Layer Level

Folder Level

Map Service Level

Spatial Reference
 Comparison Tool

Spatial Reference Comparison Tool

  • Displays spatial references of each visible map service
  • Color codes services by spatial reference
  • Provides links to well known ids (
  • Also lists services as dynamic or tiled

Map Service and Layer Data Extractors

Map Service and Layer Data Extractors

  • Loops through links to map services or service layers
  • Tests values of interest from JSON data
  • Presents data on the HTML page

Feature Counter

Feature Counter

  • Loops through each layer in a map service
  • Gets ObjectID and shape field
  • Counts number of features where 'not ObjectID is null'
    • Query for count not previously available until version 10.01
  • Counts number of features where 'not Shape is null'
  • Displays the counts on the page.

Field Value Testers and
 Domain Counter

Field Value Testers

  • Collects Field data from REST
  • Collects list of fields from HTML
  • Queries count only where 'not <field> is null'
  • Writes count under the field name in the HTML
    • Will warn if count is 0 with !!!
  • Writes the return time for the query in milliseconds

Domain Data Tester

  • Finds fields with Domains through REST
  • Finds field list in HTML
  • Loops through domain values and queries for count on each field where value = domain value.
  • Writes domain description and number of results returned.
    • Will add notification if no results returned (!!!)

REST Search

REST Search

  • Add Search blank to HTML
  • Gets list of links to folders, services, and map service layers from REST
  • JSON Request through REST for each item in list
  • Searches specific JSON attributes based on whether the service is a folder, service, or layer
    • Lists attributes that match search blank
    • If more links to folders, services, and layers discovered, those are added to list to be searched

Select By Attributes

On the web

Select By Attributes

On the web

  • Create User interface for SQL parameters
  • Get field names and other properties from the layer
  • Select a text input or textarea to enter data
  • Click a field alias to enter field name
    • Also requests and presents 1000 unique results
    • Click result from list to add to query
  • Tracks cursor position when adding fields and SQL code

Quick Map Viewer

Quick Map Viewer

  • Load a map using the ArcGIS JavaScript API on the page.
  • When hovering over a link, load that layer into the map.
  • When hovering over the next link, destroy the previous map and recreate it with a the layer created from the next link.

Print Tasks Made Easy

Print Tasks Made Easy

  • Request REST JSON properties of the map service.
  • Replaces blanks with "choicesList" property to a select with choices in the choicesList added.
    • Formats (PDF, JPG, PNG, etc).
    • Layout_Templates
  • Adds a default Web Map as JSON string.

Future Improvements


  • ESRI REST Diagnostics
  • Source code on Github
  • Tuts + bookmarklet tutorial

Using JavaScript Bookmarklets to inspect ArcGIS Server services

By Ken Doman

Using JavaScript Bookmarklets to inspect ArcGIS Server services

Talk at the ESRI Developer Summit 2016 about the ESRI_REST_Diagnostics library, and how to use it to inspect and get details from map services.

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