DuPage County Parcel Search Website

A case study for the Web AppBuilder Developer Edition


Ken Doman - Bruce Harris and Associates

Case Study: DuPage County, IL

  • Has a well established GIS Department.
  • Has multiple Flash-based GIS web applications.
  • Most had a core set of GIS tools in common.
  • Some custom functionality in each website.
  • Needed an economical approach for replacing older sites with responsive, mobile friendly GIS websites.

Solution: Web AppBuilder Developer Edition

  • DuPage County approached Bruce Harris and Associates about developing custom Web AppBuilder widgets on an as-needed basis.
  • Widgets would be configurable and reuseable.
  • Widgets would perform functions found in existing flash-based website.

Widgets Developed by BHA

  • Feature Search
  • Intersection Search
  • Historical Aerial Slider
  • Google Street View
  • Pictometry Integration

Dupage County's First Web AppBuilder Developer Website:

Parcel Viewer

Parcel Search

  • Basic Search

    • Parcel ID and Address

  • Advanced Search

    • Multiple Search criteria

  • Geographic Search

    • Point, line, polygon

  • Buffer Search

    • Draws buffer around different selections

  • Search results

    • Configurable and templateable HTML links

  • Export results

    • export search results to .csv, .txt, .xls, and .xlsx

    • custom exports

Intersection Search

  • Search Intersections
  • Search by one street or two
  • Zoom to locations on the map

Historical Slider

  • Assign multiple Aerial Photo layers
  • Drag slider to transition between layers
  • Let user switch back to base map when done.

Google StreetView

  • Click on the map to show Street View Location

Pictometry Integration

  • Click on the map to show Pictometry imagery
  • Change view of Pictometry through widget window
  • Pan around the GIS map can change Pictometry View

Web App Builder Developer Edition

By Ken Doman

Web App Builder Developer Edition

An introduction to a web project using Web AppBuilder Developer Edition by the DuPage County GIS Department. Widgets for this project were developed by Bruce Harris and Associates.

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