Frontend/React cycle summary - Roman Sandler

  • Basic DOM manipulation with vanilla JS

  • React fundamentals

  • Intermediate React composition patterns

  • Server state management with react-query

  • Form state management with Formik

  • Global client state management with Valtio

  • Integration testing with Cypress.io

  • Modern dev environment with Vite

  • Intro to Tailwind CSS

  • Intro to Next.js

Topics we covered


HTML is generated on the server and sent to the browser. Only interaction is via forms and links.


HTML is generated on the server and JS is loaded in the browser. Minimal DOM manipulations. DOM is the source of truth.


Early stateful JS frameworks. Some HTML is generated on the server and some is generated via JS in the browser.


SSR - HTML is generated on a node server using JS frameworks and rehydrated in the browser.


Full SPA modern frameworks. One HTML file is generated on the server and then manipulated in the browser via JS.


Streaming HTML from the server to the browser while rendering.

The evolution of www dev

How to stay updated?


Follow the main influencers of the community and engage with community members.




Play around with new tools and ideas and form your own opinions. 



The best way to learn is to teach. Share your knowledge with your teammates or online.

Roman's doctrine

  • Keep it simple, avoid abstractions that don't solve a problem.

  • Optimize for change.

  • There is no silver bullet, be mindful of the tradeoffs you are making.

  • Make sure the effort you put in is worth the result.

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Drorsoft React Summery

By Roman Sandler

Drorsoft React Summery

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