Digital Natives missing MEU's Digitalisation

Let the computer do
the boring MEU preparatory work and
spend more time socialising 🍻

with Dr. Robert Riemann

Head of IT from about 2015 to 2018

Why are we volunteering?

  • owing someone/don't know/
    helping a friend 🀷
  • socialising 🍻
  • curiosity πŸ€”
  • self-empowerment πŸ’ͺ
  • make the world a better place (altruism) πŸ‘Ό

Effective Altruism

Don't waste your time volunteering β€”
volunteer efficiently

  • spend your resources on
    actions with high impact
  • find out what actions have high impact
  • find out how to increase
    the impact of your actions

Effective Altruism


  • don't do what everyone can do


  • do what you can do best (most efficiently)
  • do help others help others help others help:
    empower others (BETA Europe)
  • do what is crucial and nobody wants to do
    (example: improving your IT)

Education saves lives

BETA can save lives

  • BETA and Model EU teach
    democracy to citizens
  • citizens vote for policy solutions
  • policy solutions support:
    • migration management
    • safety and health
    • stopping the climate crisis
      (many lives endangered)

You can save lives

  • help BETA to teach more citizens
  • help BETA to better teach citizens



  • help BETA yourself
  • help BETA to scale up:
    • find more volunteers to help
    • automate β€˜what nobody wants to do’ (24/7, reliable)

over to you!

Which IT do you use already?

Which IT do you use already?

  • email and email distribution lists
  • Facebook
  • organisation websites
  • Google Drive
  • online banking
  • Zoom et al.

Is there still repetitive work left?

  • prepare content (reuse old content)
  • answer organiser/participant questions
    (collaborative BETA FAQ online)
  • match payments (automate!)
  • prepare organiser/participants
    (use also webinars/podcasts)
  • financial contribution management
    (admission, fees, etc.: automate!)

Your experience with IT?

  • Which tools have you tried so far?
  • Which tools do you need?
  • Which tools do you propose?

The path of digitalisation is long and hard

  • multi-annual project
  • high up-front investment
  • likely requires joint effort

BETA's way forward to digitalisation

  • agree to do it together
  • do it really together
  • do it until you are done

How about:

free and open source software

Project Management

Events with Payments


Online Training/Quizz

Knowledge Database

Thanks for your participation!

Questions anyone?


By Robert Riemann

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