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Tools for
Legal Writing

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For most of our tasks, we work with text:

  • writing opinions
  • writing eMails
  • writing meeting minutes
  • writing letters
  • …and reading text from others


Focus on
(Legal) Writing

Focus on Collaboration

  • concentrate on text
    (and not on layout)
  • make common things easy:
    • text structure
    • references and footnotes
  • robust, automated versioning
  • synchronisation between different working places
  • collaborative working:
    offline or in real-time

Capacity of Innovation

  • Technology supports us in our writing tasks:
    • duplication, modification
    • fast communication
  • Technology raises the bar to change our tools:
    • “take it or leave it”: Windows 10, MS Word Ribbon Interface, back-doors, bugs, etc.
    • modification of tools requires expert knowledge and freedom of modification (FOSS)

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FOSS Components for Legal Writing

Atom Text Editor

Zotero Bibliography Manager

Gitlab Versioning

Markdown Structured Writing

Legal Writing with Atom


  1. Writing Text (with Preview)
  2. Adding References
  3. Clear Writing Tips
  4. Save Changes
  5. Checkout PDFs
  6. Collaboration

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