Robert's Rules of Order

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Rules of Procedure for conducting meetings

Robert's Rules of Order


Model United Nations (MUN)

Model EU (MEU)

Purpose of Rules of Procedure

  • Maintain order
  • Majority rules
  • Minority rights protected
  • Guarantees equality within participants
  • Conduct business effectively

Content of Rules of Procedure

  • Readings
  • Organisation of the debate
    • Formal debate
    • Informal debate
  • Note passing
  • Order of speakers
  • Points and Motions
  • Votings

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  • Introductory statements and general debate
  • debate on amendments/resolutions
  • voting on amendments/resolutions

Informal Debate

  • unmoderated
  • with time limit
  • members stay
    in the room

Formal Debate

  • moderated by chairperson
  • raise placard to speak
  • only speak when recognized by chairperson
  • with Speakers’ List

Conduct of the Debate

Note Passing

  • no cross-speaking during Formal Debate
  • text notes can be passed within deputies/delegates
  • notes should have at least a recepient
  • privacy of correspondence
  • for larger distances: dedicated note passers
  • do not disturb speakers


  • during the vote:
    • no note passing or speaking
    • doors stay closed (be punctional!)
  • procedural votings (motions):
    yes / no
  • substantive votings
    (discussed matters):
    yes / no / abstain
  • simple majority: 50% +1

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Points and Motions

  • use placard to pass points or motions
  • only the Point of Personal Privilege
    might interrupt a speaker


  • of Personal Privilege
  • of Order (procedure issue)
  • Right of Reply
  • of Information
    (question, MEU: Blue Card)
  • Verification of Quorum


  • to set the agenda order
  • to be added to Speakers' List
  • to move to an Informal Debate
  • to extend/limit speaking time
  • to close/open the Speaker’s List
  • to close the debate

(requires voting)

Mock Debate

  1. Worker Protection:
    "All countries will put in place a two day long weekend during which workers are paid 5 times more per hour."
  2. Climate Change:
    "Every country agrees to spend 5% of its domestic gros product to direct actions limiting the Climate Change in order to ensure food safety."
  3. Nutrition:
    "In order to improve the overall health, public food stores and food serving stores shall offer beer or whine."


Rules of Procedure (MUN/MEU)

By Robert Riemann

Rules of Procedure (MUN/MEU)

Rules of Procedure for Model United Nations (MUN) and Model European Union (MEU)

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