• It is more than a client.
  • It also cache the data of hydrus server

It is the first implementation of hydra-client with the Python language and the Redis database(for caching hydrus server data)

What is its working!


It fetches the data from the hydrus server with the help of given URL and store it in Redis.

And there are some defined queries in the client with the help of these any user can query the data that already stored in Redis.

How its structure

Querying Mechanism: This module

directly interact with user. It will takes input like "url>>>"(an URL) and "query>>>"(a query).

URL used to connect with the hydrus server and query is used for querying the data from Redis.

Hydra Graph: This module is generally using for connecting the client to the hydrus server

Collections Endpoints: It fetches the data of the collection endpoints(like DroneCollection) and stores in Redis.

Classes Objects: It fetches the data of class endpoints(like Location) and also for the objects of the collection endpoints(like State)

All these other modules are used by Querying Mechanism internally on the basis of a given input query.

It's time to Demo


It is a demo for the python-hydra-agent.

   It can connect to any hydrus server.

How does it work?



A List of future work

  • Improvement in the Querying process

  • Improve data output format.

  • Synchronization with hydrus server

  • implement POST and PUT method.

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Hydra telecon

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