Ionic More Than A Framework

How Far?

Sani Yusuf

Founder Of Haibrid

Co-Organiser Of Ionic-UK

Building Angular.Training

Author & Trainer

Big Fan Of Avatar Movie


Shall We Begin...

What Is A Framework?

Consider Building A House

Now Consider This?

Much More Efficient Innit?

Ionic Today?

Multi Platform Support




Vanilla JS

Tail..nd CSS?

Global Community

44,000+ Stars On Github

Almost 30,000 Slack Members

Global Community With Over 100 Developer Groups

Localisation Support

Built In RTL Support

Multi Lingual Support


First Class PWA Support

Ionic App Flow

CI/CD For Mobile apps

Live updates without submission

Route One Highway to appstore

Dark Mode

We Get It Sani. You Like Ionic

It Was Not Always This Rosey

Let's Go On A Journey

Remember This?

Legacy ionic Icon

What About This?


So Many Untold Stories

But I will tell some today

Sani In The Last Few Years


36 Countries

6 Continents (Almost 7)

68 Cities

What Did You Learn?

Ionic Powering Entreprise

Creating Careers

Josh Morony

Over 100k USD in Book-sales

Real badass outback legend 

Amazing Tuts


Amazing Tutorials

Super videos

Oh he speaks German too

Jorge Vergara

Based In Cololmbia

Ionic & Firebase Legend

Powering The Developing World

Eden Life
Wallets Africa

Education & Community


Open Source


Case Studies

Gig Economy

Personal Testimony

The Books

The Courses

More Than Just A Framework

The Ionic Team Have Sacrificed For Us All

Keep the Spirit Alive 

Collaborate If You Can

Start A Community If You Can

Its Open Source

Final Thoughts

It is all about love & community

Shameless Plug


Sani Yusuf


Soro Sokey Your Question

Nigerian For Any Questions?

Ionic - More Than Just A Framework

By Sani Yusuf

Ionic - More Than Just A Framework

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