Video Mashups with Popcorn Maker

July 14, GVPL

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Why We're Here

The web used to be something we made together.

We all work on projects to keep it open, accessible and free to all.

Webmaker is...

A set of tools to help people to learn how to make the web

A set of curriculum and other materials to help people teach and learn about making the web

What's Popcorn Maker

So What Could You Do With Popcorn Maker?

Challenge 1 

(20 minutes) 

Find a video you like in the webmaker gallery

Challenge 1B
Remix it, adding some new elements

But first - log in! / maketheweb

Challenge 2 - Make Your Own

A few Tricks

  • giffy search
  • youtube search
  • turn off video or audio on a video track


please LOG IN to Persona 
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Video Mashups with popcorn

By Scott Leslie

Video Mashups with popcorn

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