The many uses of npm

Fluent, 2016-03-09

Who is this guy?

Laurie Voss



What are we talking about?

All the stuff you can do with npm these days

npm users are mostly newbies

This is a tour of

 really useful stuff

What is npm anyway?

  • CLI
  • Registry
  • Website
  • Community
  • Company

1: a command line client (CLI)

The CLI manages your code

  • Dependencies
  • Life cycle
  • Tooling

2: a registry

3: a website

4: a community

npm <3 you

5: a company

npm is a company that sells goods and services

Marketing suggested I include this language.

  1. Hosted private packages
  2. npm On-Site

Goal: reduce developer friction

npm is not (very) opinionated

The many uses of npm

  • building a project
  • sharing a project
  • managing dependencies
  • lifecycle management
  • a platform for tools

1: Building a project

npm init

npm init auto detects your code

~/.npm-init.js and PromZard

npm install

  • npm install --save
  • npm install --save-dev

npm install


npm install

--save --save-bundle

npm isntall

Offline installs

npm install --cache-min 999999

Simple run scripts

  • npm stop
  • npm start
  • npm test
scripts: {
    "start": "node ./index.js"

2: sharing a project

npm publish

npm publish --access=restricted

npm version

  • npm version major
  • npm version minor
  • npm version patch
  • npm version major -m "bump to version %s"

npm owner

npm organizations

npm team

  • npm team create
  • npm team destroy
  • npm team add
  • npm team rm
  • npm team ls

npm access

  • npm access grant
  • npm access revoke
  • npm access ls-packages
  • npm access ls-collaborators

Semantic Versioning









npm shrinkwrap

3: managing dependencies

npm dedupe

npm prune

npm link

npm update

npm outdated

4: lifecycle management

dist tags

  • npm publish --tag
  • npm dist-tag
  • npm install mypackage@latest
  • npm install mypackage@beta
  • npm install mypackage@lts

npm deprecate

npm run $anything

npm run scripts

  • npm run dev:setup
  • npm run db:reset
  • npm run debug

Lifecycle hooks

publish:   prepublish, publish, postpublish
install:      preinstall, install, postinstall
uninstall: preuninstall, uninstall, postuninstall
version:   preversion, version, postversion
test:          pretest, test, posttest
stop:        prestop, stop, poststop
start:        prestart, start, poststart
restart:    prerestart, restart, postrestart

Run scripts have devDependencies in path

5: a platform for tooling

Simple tools in a bigger ecosystem

Less, Sass and CSS


Webpack and Browserify


More CSS tricks


npm install -g semantic-release

Downstream npm features

npm On-Site


Node Security Project

npm install nsp

Snyk and BitHound


npm is more than install


If you're an LGBTQ person in technology, you may like this Slack!

npm loves you




Fluent 2016: the many uses of npm

By seldo

Fluent 2016: the many uses of npm

A tour of npm's most useful commands, starting at the stuff everybody knows down to the stuff almost nobody knows.

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