Jamstack Conference, 2022-11-08

What are we talking about?

The Jamstack Community

  1. Who are we?
  2. What are we building?
  3. How are we building things?
  4. Where are we headed?

Why should you care?

Because knowing where you are helps you know where to go next.

Part 1:

Who's doing the building?

Lots of developers

But more full-stack than before

20% students

but mostly full time employed

Getting more experienced

The Great Resignation is real

33% of devs say they've changed jobs

in the last 12 months

What makes you stay in your job

  1. Your team
  2. Remote work available
  3. Career growth

What makes you leave your job

  1. Want to work remotely
  2. Career growth
  3. Company culture

83% of devs work remotely most of the time

Remote work is here to stay

Attitudes to

remote work

71% think

their company

has remote work "figured out"

87% say they

enjoy remote work

45% changed jobs

to work remotely more often

55% of people

would quit

if you made them work in person again

The revolution in distributed work is just getting started

Part 2:

What are we building?

33% of developers are serving audiences of millions

New device category?

Part 3:

How are we building?

Usage + Satisfaction

CMS landscape

WordPress has no obvious successor yet

Programming language

Programming language landscape


have human benefits

much greater than technical ones

Is React unstoppable?



Big frameworks

Medium frameworks

Smaller frameworks

Frameworks changes

Zone 1: growth

Zone 2: rapid adoption

Zone 3: core users

Zone 4: danger zone

Part 4:

Where are we going?

Where frameworks are going

  • If you want static, go with 11ty
  • If you want an app, probably React
    • and probably Next.js
    • but if not Next.js then try Remix

Is web3 the future?

Web3 feelings

Web3 usage

Web components



Serverless + Remix


Keep your team strong and provide career growth

or they will leave

Key takeaways

Remote work is not going anywhere

Key takeaways

Content management is in a transition period

from WordPress to... something else

Key takeaways

React may be unstoppable

Key takeaways

11ty for static sites

Key takeaways

Web3 is probably not the futre

Key takeaways

Web components have arrived

Key takeaways

Serverless is big and getting bigger

Key takeaways

Thank you

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