npm @ scale, 2016-03-08

Who is this guy?

Laurie Voss



What are we talking about?

  • npm by the numbers
  • Inner Source

Two talks

Because you gave me 45 minutes, so why the hell not?

npm is company that sells goods and services

You may find them useful!

require('first talk')

npm by the numbers

How many people use npm?


Website users

500% growth

in web users over 2 years

3.5 million users

over 90 days

2000% growth

in downloads over 2 years

Why don't IPs and downloads rise at the same speed?

1. People are downloading more packages at a time

2. People are using npm more often


npm sessions

  • built for debugging
  • random ID generated on each run
  • ties requests from a single install together

Total requests per hour, 1 week

Requests per hour by region, 1 week

npm client vs. web

End of numbers talk


Inner Source

using open source tools to improve enterprise dev

Quick history

Open source is fun to write

"It's just nicer this way"

What is Inner Source?

Open Source principles

Open & transparent

Principle 1:

Everything is recorded

Principle 2:

Everything is asynchronous and distributed

Principle 3:

Forking is natural and uncontroversial

Principle 4:

Forks produce better software

Tests are first class citizens

Principle 5:

Too much trust produces bad tests

Documentation happens defensively

Principle 6:

There are no meetings

Principle 7:

Why is this a good idea?

"No meetings" wasn't a good enough pitch?

Transparency leads to code reuse

Collaboration across teams works better

if teams don't need to trust each other

Open source software is better

How do we do this?

Buy our products!

Enterprise software ruins

software at enterprises

Bad reasons to buy enterprise tools

  • They're "cheap"
  • They check a bunch of feature boxes
  • "We already have a contract with this vendor"

We will sell you the tool you wanted to use anyway

Inner Source is not just npm

Time to get started



npm at scale

By seldo

npm at scale

Two talks in one! A bunch of numbers about the size of npm, plus a description of Inner Source.

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