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  • Estimation of Mixture Distributions

    This lecture is intended to familiarise students with the concepts of mixture distributions and their estimation. It presents both the difficulties that arise and concrete approaches to solving them.

  • Gaussian Mixture Model

    Lesson 8: https://research.project-10.de/dgm/

  • Introduction to Probability Theory

    Lesson 1: https://research.project-10.de/dgm/

  • Stochastic Ray Tracing

    Lesson 7: www.OpenRT.org

  • Texturing and Solids

    Lesson 6: www.OpenRT.org

  • Light Transport and BRDF

    Lesson 5: www.OpenRT.org

  • Spatial Index Structures

    Lesson 4: www.OpenRT.org

  • Camera and Lens Models

    Lesson 2: www.OpenRT.org

  • Ray-Geometry Intersection Algorithms

    Lesson 3: www.OpenRT.org

  • Introduction to Ray Tracing

    Lesson 1: www.OpenRT.org

  • Machine Learning Course

    Introduction the the Machine Learning course for Master students at Jacobs University