Functional Programming with Python

Shagun Sodhani



PyDelhi Conference, 2017

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  • Introduction to Functional Programming
  • Functional Programming in Python
  • Functions in Action

Functional Programming

  • Functions as the fundamental building blocks for any program.
  • Focus on computing results rather than on performing actions.
  • Describe what is to be done and not on how it is to be done.
  • Leads to concise and safe code (less OffByOne mistakes)

Talk is cheap. Show me the code.

Linus Torvalds


Why Should I care

  • Big Data and Distributed Computing
  • Deep Learning
    • "weight tying" - using multiple copies of a neuron in different places is the neural network equivalent of using functions

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The Missing Pieces


Python does not promote functional programming even though it works fairly well.

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Shagun Sodhani

Functional Programming with Python

By Shagun Sodhani

Functional Programming with Python

For PyDelhi Conference 2017

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