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Shubham Dokania

About Me

Research Engineer at Mercedes-Benz R&D.

Working on MBUX intelligent Interior system using Computer Vision in Deep Learning.


Undergrad and Further

- Mathematics & Computing @ DTU (2013-2017)


- ML instructor at Coding Blocks



- Academic Research Internships (IIITD, IIITH)



- Industrial Research Internships (Ambient.ai)

Current Work

- Intelligent Interior Team @ Mercedes-Benz

- MBUX Assistant system for S-Class vehicles

- Human pose estimation and occupant monitoring in edge-devices

- Research in 3D Vision and Synthetic data.

- Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Research/Development Activities

- Hackathons

- Explore Projects

- Research Internships (Academic / Industrial)

- Startups

- Blogs/Technical Reports

- Conferences & Connections


Can also reach out to me at:


twitter: @shubhamdokania

mail: shubham.k.dokania@gmail.com

web: shubham1810.github.io


By Shubham Dokania