Welcome to the Collaborations workshop!

Simon Hettrick

4 April 2022 - CW22 (virtual)   @sjh5000     ORCID: 0000-0002-6809-5195

The Software sustainability institute

A national facility for cultivating
better, more sustainable,
research software to enable
world-class research

Collaborate, don't compete.

– The Institute's golden rule

Collaborations Workshop

  • You're a participant, not an audience
  • It's normal for someone you don't know to join the conversation
  • If something doesn't work, help us fix it

simple rules

  • Invite, credit and contribute
  • Follow our code of conduct
  • Let us know about any non-inclusive behaviour
  • Take breaks!
  • The RSE community started here in 2012

  • From a handful of people to a large, influential and supported community in only 10 years

  • Be careful what you say, it could set the direction of your career...

Great things happen at the CW!

Antonia Cozacu, Jan Philipp Dietrich @ deRSE19

  • It's all about sharing ideas and building collaborations

  • Meet new people, chat and plan

  • No idea is too trivial; no idea is too aspirational

  • Have fun!

What next?

Thank you!

@sjh5000 - ORCID: 0000-0002-6809-5195


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Collaborations Workshop 2022 intro

By Simon Hettrick

Collaborations Workshop 2022 intro

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