Software in Southampton

 17 July 2019 - Southampton RSC           @sjh5000     ORCID: 0000-0002-6809-5195

By Simon Hettrick

The first study of software use in research

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Fundamental to


Develop own code




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Is it the same in Southampton?

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  • 16 questions
  • 6355 invitations (ERE staff & PhDs)
  • 2 weeks collecting responses
  • 603 responses (594 usable)

Data and analysis


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is any software you have used in the generation of a result that you expect to appear in a publication.


This might be anything from a few-line script to clean some data, to a fully fledged software suite. It includes code you have written yourself and code written by someone else.

"Research software"

Also interesting...

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What next?

  • Review analysis and publish report

  • Collaborate!

  • Investigate suggestions

  • Make recommendations for supporting software use

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ORCID: 0000-0002-6809-5195


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Studies and links

  • National software survey:


Software use in Southampton

By Simon Hettrick

Software use in Southampton

Southampton Research Software Community, 17 July 2019, Southampton. Presentation on the results of the University of Southampton software survey conducted in June 2019. These slides were not presented. They were used to allow people to access the results of the survey.

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