Interactive Optical Robots

   a novel instrument for biology

Sinan Haliyo

Head of MultiScale Interactions @ ISIR

Touching the microworld

This is the aim of IOTA Project, funded by ANR France and DIM Elicit.
We are using the power of light to manipulate cells and molecules, and let the user control and feel the interaction with his fingertips.

Haptic feedback enables fine manipulation

Optical Tweezers

  • A tightly focused laser beam to trap micro objects (1 - 5 µm)
  • Non-contact multi object manipulation in liquid
  • Laser wavelength : 1070nm
  • Laser power: 400mW

3D force measurement  :

  • Position tracking with an Event-Camera
  • ~ 10 pn resolution, 300 pN max
  • 300 Hz / 1 kHz bandwidth

3D actuation and measurement

The "robot" is the laser path actuated with active MOEMS components and 3DoF sample-holder

Multitrap OPTOBOTS

Force-sensing Optobot

Rotating a Cell

In-liquid assembly

T-cell / Cancer
interaction forces

Mecanobiology on gametes

Ongoing work

Exploring applications with end-users

  • Cancer therapy / CAR T-Cell development
  • Fertility research
  • Bioprinting for prosthetic organs tissues

DL / AI automation

User Interface

Product objectives

An interactive scientific instrument - a flexible lab-on-chip

  • Closed sample chamber
  • Real-Time teleoperation
  • Microfluidic chip flow control
  • Biochemical coatings

Interactive exploration, manipulation and characterization at small scales with micrometer & piconewton resolution

Transscale coupling and natural interaction

Force-feedback user interface

Biomedical applications &  microassembly

A New Scientific Instrument


Asso. Professor


PhD Candidate





Stéphane Régnier,


The Team

Our Papers @ICRA'20

#wec22_2 Optical Micromanipulation with Force-Feedback...

#wea22_4 Large-Range Nil-Stiffness Electro-Magnetic Force Sensor

#mod09_4  Force Feedback Injection in Biological Samples

#wea22_3 Magnetic Miniature Swimmers with Multiple Flagella

#wea22_5 Model Predictive Control for AFM Inside a SEM



Interactive Optical Robots: a novel instrument for biology

By Sinan Haliyo

Interactive Optical Robots: a novel instrument for biology

My talk at ICRA'20 Virtual - *Workshop on the applications of micro-nanorobotics*

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