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๐Ÿ˜ˆ ย Hasura GraphQL + Postgresql Database

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๐Ÿš€ Setting Hasura GraphQL server


  • New API Standard by Facebook that provides a more efficient, powerful and flexible alternative to REST

  • Query language for APIs.

  • Declarative way of fetching and updating data.


It's a spec











Required Fields in UI

Fields from REST Service



  id : "ride-1",
  name: "Flutter World",
  waitingTime: "30m"
    name: "Flutter World",
    fastpass_booth: false,
    created_at: "2009-07-13T19:14:06.000-04:00",
    updated_at: "2019-09-10T00:01:35.000-04:00",
    short_name: "Flutter World",
    open_emh_morning: false,
    open_emh_evening: false,
    single_rider: false,
    time_zone: "Eastern Time (US & Canada)",
    seasonal: false,
    open_very_merry: false,
    open_not_so_scary: false,
    category_code: "scheduled_show",
    duration: 25,
    scheduled_code: null,
    what_it_is: "Live Hollywood-style musical",
    scope_and_scale_code: "major_attraction",
    when_to_go: "Anytime; evenings are cooler",
    average_wait_per_hundred: null,
    average_wait_assumes: null,
    loading_speed: null,
    probable_wait_time: null,
    special_needs: null,
    height_restriction: null,
    intense: false,
    extinct_on: null,
    opened_on: "1991-11-22",
    frightening: false,
    physical_considerations: false,
    handheld_captioning: true,
    video_captioning: false,
    reflective_captioning: false,
    assistive_listening: true,
    audio_description: true,
    wheelchair_transfer_code: "may_remain_in_wheelchair",
    no_service_animals: false,
    sign_language: false,
    service_animal_check: false,
    not_to_be_missed: false,
    rider_swap: false,
    ultimate_code: "core",
    ultimate_task: "View full show.",
    park_entrance: false,
    relative_open: null,
    relative_close: null,
    close_at_dusk: null,
    crowd_calendar_version: 4,
    match_name: "BT-BST-LF-ON-STJ",
    crazy_threshold: 150,
    fastpass_only: false,
    allow_showtimes_after_close: false,
    disconnected_fastpass_booth: false,
    arrive_before: 20,
    arrive_before_fp: 15,
    allow_time_restriction: false,
    relative_open_to_sunset: null,
    relative_close_to_sunset: null,
    closing_round_code: null,
    walking_time_proxy_id: null,
    flexible_duration: false,
    operator_id: 80010848,
    operator_type: "Entertainment",
    hide_app: false,
    showtime_proxy_id: null,
    sort_name: "beauty and the beast live on stage",
    extinct_on_uncertain: null,
    opened_on_uncertain: null,
    opened_on_known: null,
    ignore_scrapes: false

GraphQL Advantages

  • GraphQL is a specification.

  • Platform / Protocol / Language agnostic.

  • No more Over- and Under-fetching.

  • GraphQL versioning - Rapid Product Iterations on the Frontend.

  • Insightful Analytics on the Backend.

  • Benefits of Schema and Type system.

  • GraphQL Schema Stitching.


GraphQL playground


What you want is what you get !!!


Instant Realtime GraphQL server on Postgres

Setting up GraphQL Server

Authentication / Authorization


Remote Schemas

Hasura Cloud

Developer Emotions

Flutter ๐Ÿ’œ GraphQL



Action Items

- Build Flutter apps with GraphQL

- Explore Hasura - GraphQL with Postgres

- Be Kind & Spread Your Awesomeness.

- Reach me out if you've any questions.




Thank you !!!

Flutter Apps powered by GraphQL with Hasura*

By Sivamuthu Kumar

Flutter Apps powered by GraphQL with Hasura*

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