Managing Microservices with Kubernetes and Istio

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Microservices, Kubernetes, Service Mesh - Overview

Istio and its architecture


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You probably heard a lot already !!

How to solve networking problems?

So many instances...

  • Deployment
  • Resource Isolation and Utilization
  • Resiliency
  • Networking, Port Conflicts
  • Load Balancing
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Circuit breaking
  • Observability & Insight
  • Monitoring and Tracing


Service Mesh

A service mesh provides a transparent and language-independent way to flexibly and easily automate application network functions.

What is Istio?

An open services platform to automate service interactions across container & VM-based workloads

  • Service Mesh

  • Behavioral Insights

  • Operational control


What Istio offers to satisfy the diverse requirements of micro-service applications?

How Istio works?

Sidecar proxies (Envoy) running in a pod. ( Pod can have one or more containers)


Proxies mediate all inbound/outbound traffic

How Istio works?

Traffic Management

  • Configuring request routing
  • Traffic shifting
  • Retries / Timeout / Fault Injection
  • Circuit breakers
  • External dependencies of mesh

Policies and Security

  • Rate Limiting
  • Denials / Allow rules to restrict access
  • Headers, Rewrites & Redirects
  • Authentication / Authorization
  • mTLS - Certificate management

Metric Logs and Traces

  • Metrics,
  • Distributed Tracing
  • Access and Application Logs
  • Querying metrics with Prometheus
  • Visualizing metrics with Graffana
  • Service Graphs


Action Items

- Learn Kubernetes / Istio.

- Understand  how Istio provides complete solution to satisfy the diverse requirements of microservices.

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Thank you !!!

Managing microservices with Kubernetes & Istio

By Sivamuthu Kumar

Managing microservices with Kubernetes & Istio

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