Use case:
HPC simulation Workflow
using building blocks

Making Canonical Workflow Building Blocks interoperable across workflow languages

RO-Crate for
workflow descriptions

Describing workflows
with RO-Crate


Describe workflow




Authors and contributors

Credit: Marco La Rosa, Peter Sefton

Making your own RO-Crate with Describo

FAIR is not just machine-readable!

RO-Crate for
computational tools

RO-Crate Community is open for anyone to join us!

RO-Crate next steps

More documentation

  • 5 minute intro
  • Tutorial / training material (Carpentries-style)
  • Showcases of use


  • CS3mesh4EOSC (Describo Online w/ cloud storage)
  • EOSC-Life (Life Science workflows)
  • BY-COVID (COVID-19 )
  • SYNTHESYS+/DiSSCO (FAIR Digital Objects to digitize museum collections)
  • GA4GH & ELIXIR Cloud (workflow execution)

Next round (proposals and collaborations):

  • Workflows as FAIR Digital Objects
  • Digital Twins in Biodiversity
  • Minimal metadata standards for Semantic Interoperability
  • Cross-repository integrations

Future directions

2023-07-11 Computational Workflows

By Stian Soiland-Reyes

2023-07-11 Computational Workflows

A retake on previous slides

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