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Talk : Extracting A Gem From Your Rails App, by Sophie Déziel

Open mic session: Are you hiring? Do you need help on a project? Have you just created a gem?

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Recap of 2017-18

  • 10 talks!
  • 2 invited speakers from outside of Montreal
  • 2 Workshops
  • Average of 37 people attending meetups
  • 210 members on Slack
  • 55 commits on the website

Goals for 2018-19

  • 10-12 talks
  • RailsBridge on October 12-13
  • 2 invited speakers from outside of Montreal
  • 4 Workshops
  • A kickass organizing team

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Next Tuesday (June 26th): RailsBridge Meeting


The following Tuesday (July 3rd): Montreal.rb team meeting

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Copy of Montreal.rb

By Sophie Déziel

Copy of Montreal.rb

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