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Evidence Based Medicine

Big Data

Prof. Dr. Karol Kozak

Piotr Krajewski with Stermedia R&D Team


Fraunhofer Project Center Wroclaw

Digital Pathology 

  • Regions of Interest specification 
  • Background nuclei segmentation
  • Nuclei features extraction
  • Tumor classification
  • MedImage Viewer

Types of Glioma

I - Pilocytic astrocytoma 

II - Low-grade glioma

III - Malignant glioma Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) 


  • Skull extraction 
  • Background Tumor segmentation
  • Tumor features extraction
  • Tumor classification

Other Computer Vision Projects

  • Wound Planimetry
  • Facial Recognition and Verification
  • Document Verification

Medical Image Analysis Stermedia

By Stermedia Sp. z o.o.

Medical Image Analysis Stermedia

presentation for Dresden conference

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