Teach the

lazy snake

some functions!

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay


What do I have for you?

  • Introduction to functional programming
  • Daily usage (but do you know about them?)
  • What Python has to offer
  • Extending the standard offering, Python libraries

Paradigms of programming

  • Procedural
  • Object oriented
  • Functional
  • Logic
  • ...

...and Python is a mixed bag!


What is a functional program?

I use functions all day...

Think mathematically, y = f (x)

Functions in Python

Python has first-class functions

Functions can take in functions as arguments

Functions can return functions

Time to get some action!

*demo on first order function*

*introduction to lambdas, anon functions*

*built-ins, filter, map, etc.
though list comprehension (yay!)*

import functools

*examples on partial, Haskell reference*


Cons of using Python

  • Purely functional hard to achieve...
  • Have an intuition on where to use

Hope you enjoyed!

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Teach the lazy snake some functions!

By Sumith Kulal

Teach the lazy snake some functions!

Presentation of the talk "Teach the lazy snake some functions!" *hopefully* to be delivered at IIT Bombay (WnCC)

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