How to Manage Life and Still Be a Great Developer


Responsibility #1


If you don't like constantly cleaning food off the floors, get a dog.

Parent Pro Tip

Responsibility #2


Agency & Community Engineer

Application Developer II

Lead Front End Developer

+ other cool stuff...

Responsibility #3


Founded, Executive Director

Instructor (previous Chapter Leader)

Home Visits & Puppy Parties

Organizing Minneapolis Tech Events &

Mentoring Jr. Developers

Impostor syndrome can be defined as a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist even in face of information that indicates that the opposite is true. It is experienced internally as chronic self-doubt, and feelings of intellectual fraudulence.

— Caltech Counseling Center

How do we learn new stuff when our life is a disaster?

It's time to get funky organized.


Write down 3-4 things that truly matter.

Get rid of the rest.

  • My Family

  • Teaching Kids to Code - specifically diversifying the industry for our future

  • My job

  • Saving dogs

My List

This works at home too.

De-clutter your house.

Throw your child's artwork away in the outside garbage.

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and then when your child figures out you threw away their artwork, blame it on your spouse.

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Write Everything Down IMMEDIATELY

because the satisfaction of pen on paper is remarkable.


And because checking things off gives us so much joy!

Never EVER leave a sharpie unattended.

Parent Pro Tip

Self Journal

Passion Planner


Your keys are ALWAYS in the other pocket.

Parent Pro Tip

How many times have you thought to yourself what in the world did I get myself into to?

Take a deep breath and it will all be okay.


Let's try it!

Meditation & Mindfulness

by Andy Puddicombe

When you need time to yourself, ask your kids to get themselves dressed.

Parent Pro Tip

Write Crap Down

Get a Journal!

Take Away's


It's not crazy, it's amazing.

Take Away's

Just Say No

Should we listen to Miley again?

Take Away's

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Mom Problems: How to manage life and still be a great developer

By Tessa Kriesel

Mom Problems: How to manage life and still be a great developer

MidCamp 2017 Presentation

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