Computer Screen Mockup: Elements Of A Great Website

What makes a great website? Let's look at the most influential websites in the world and use their principles in your presentation via computer screen mockup.

There are reportedly 1.7 billion websites in the world. Amazing, isn’t it? Still, there are more people or companies that need websites. There will always be opportunities to make more websites particularly for small businesses that need to be more competitive. 


But how do you make the website competitive? Let’s look at the most influential websites in the world and analyze why they are as successful as they are. Integrate those principles into your proposal. Don’t forget to use the computer screen mockup for a more dynamic presentation. 

Why the computer screen mockup?

The computer screen mockup is just the best way to showcase a website. For one, computer mockups have the most professional frames. This is understandable considering that most professional activities are done on desktops. Whether they are iMac screens or an Android PC, they just impose a more serious figure and so it implies a more straight nature. 


A website, of course, is about business. So it is a serious matter, which deserves a computer screen mockup as a presentation tool. However, you can always complement this presentation with other mockups just to showcase the versatility of the website you created. 


Now let’s examine the most successful websites in the world:


Are you even surprised that this is on the list? In fact, Google is actually the most influential website in the world. It is not even a cause of bewilderment because almost every person in the world needs Google in their life.

Even the most trivial things are Googled nowadays. So if you don’t know how to iron a shirt, you only need to type the words and the website will have so many answers for you!

But how does this help you with the creation of a website?

Think about this: People go to Google for answers. Everybody wants Google because it is very helpful. That should be something everyone should strive for! So when you create a website, make sure that you make it useful to people. You don’t really have to aspire for the inclusivity of Google, which is helpful to everybody. However, the website you develop should be helpful to the target market of the company.

Make sure that you leave nothing unanswered for the audience and especially the customers. When you create a system that allows the customers to create feedback, ensure that the company will also answer questions raised.

When you go to Google, you will see a very simplistic design. However, it doesn’t stop people from visiting the site because it is very helpful. When you make your presentation to prospects, make sure that you show off your website’s significance through the computer screen mockup you choose. Just because you have a great packaging in a mockup doesn’t mean that you have to slack off on your output.


Did you know that Amazon used to be just an online bookstore? Today, books are the last things you will buy on Amazon. Every year, the company just gets bigger as people start relying on delivery services. It is just so convenient.


This year, Amazon became a necessity. With people forced to stay at home for fear of contracting the novel coronavirus, they have started to depend on Amazon for necessities—food and household supplies. People used to buy non-essentials on Amazon as everything else can be purchased at the grocery stores. But at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of the people were fearful of going outside.

In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted the need for websites even for community businesses. A lot of the businesses in the community like convenient stores and small restaurants depend on local customers to stay afloat. But with the pandemic, a lot of people had to stay at home. So these small businesses greatly suffered because they don’t have the technology to deliver.


Again, you don’t have to be as inclusive as Amazon, which delivers soaps and lawn movers and everything in between. You can just target the needs of your target audience. Make sure you choose the appropriate mockup to showcase your design. Sometimes, the presentation can make or break your deal.


Many people complain about the inaccuracies of Wikipedia, yet, so many people still get on it. It’s accessible and informative. Even if the information is wrong, you can always confirm it from another side. But the most important thing is getting the basic information itself. Not all articles about a thing or person carry everything that Wikipedia does.


While we are talking about the best practices of the most influential websites in the world, we are definitely not advocating for wrong information. Wikipedia can get away with it because it’s already so big. Not only that, it doesn’t sell anything so misinformation has no consequences. Besides, the reason for the misinformation is because anyone can edit a Wikipedia entry unless a personality requests to lock their page. If Nike makes a wrong claim, it will receive backlash. That is not something you can afford for your company since it’s still small.


Having said that, make sure that the information you place on your website is factual. But you must gain from it is the knowledge that information is important. People want to be informed and that is something really useful for your website.


You must be expecting this company to be in here. Facebook is very important to all companies. So not only should you learn from the smart principles employed by Facebook, every company should actually have a Facebook page. It is the world’s largest social media website. Businesses have certainly taken advantage of this notion. A lot of businesses have a Facebook page because it is the easiest way to reach a large audience in this day and age. People are always online and a lot of them are on Facebook.


But what should you learn from Facebook? It’s easy to reach out to people and that is something important for every company. In fact, one of the issues raised against Facebook is that it is so accessible that propagandists and purveyors of fake news abound. Again, misinformation is not something you should include in your website. However, it is still great to learn Facebook’s openness to information exchange for your website.


While you learn from the most influential websites in the world, it doesn’t mean that you have to copy them. Just learn from them and make a website that is truly unique while highlighting the brand’s personality.

Computer Screen Mockup: Elements Of A Great Website

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Computer Screen Mockup: Elements Of A Great Website

What makes a great website? Let's look at the most influential websites in the world and use their principles in your presentation via computer screen mockup.

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