Best Front End Developer Portfolio Examples

When making front end developer portfolio examples, you have to consider many factors. Read this blog post completely to understand this context.

Are you applying for the job in the web design and development industry? If so, then you should have a strong job or career portfolio. This is a collection of your own accomplishments as a web designer and/or developer. Making this document requires you to consider a lot of things. There are portfolio materials which need to be prioritized. The goal of this document is to let the hiring company know about your potential as a website developer. If possible as a freelancer, you need to create a web developer website in order to present what you’ve really got to the potential client. By doing this, your professional career will be brighter.


There are web developer portfolio sites available on the web today. They are showcasing the professional expertise and knowledge of the portfolio owners. How about you? Will you let yourself be left behind? You just have to look for the best front end developer portfolio examples on the Internet. This is for the purpose of enlightening yourself on what you should do. Take note that by using the best developer portfolio examples as the basis of your own portfolio web developer, you can have the great chance to land the job you ever wanted. You’re advised to present pieces of work you had before. Impressing the potential employer is a must and it can lead you to ultimate success.

Landing a particular job in the website development industry is not that easy. Why? Because the job market is tight in terms of competition. Meaning, there are a lot of job applicants competing to be hired for a coveted position. There are a number of applicants because this industry is promising. The remuneration aspect is great. This is one of the industries which can yield high salary rates. As a web developer, one can make from $4,000 to $10,000 (US Dollars) a month. Bottom line is, you will have the great opportunity to be paid well when your portfolio is outstanding and amazing.

How to start making front end developer portfolio examples?

There is a process which is vital for you to hit your goal. Landing a job is a tricky matter because of the tight competition. But given the fact that you’re eager and passionate with your own craft, there is a high tendency for you to get hired. The main secret here lies on how you’re going to make an impressive web developer portfolio. Try the so-called “evidentiary approach.” What does it mean? It means you need to cite relevant examples of your successful work in the past. If the past employers can certify the greatness of your work through recommendation, then it’s an awesome way for you to be hired for the applied job. Mention and explain the successful work that you have in your portfolio document. 

Furthermore, it is necessary to organize everything in your portfolio document. This approach is vital so that the potential client will see the level of professionalism that you possess. There are things which need to be well organized in your portfolio document. These are your work philosophy, personal statement, training certificates, and the vast work experiences. Organizing them can help you land a job because they serve as a supporting document to your job application. Clearly put, you can have the edge over the other job applicants when you create the best front end website portfolio.


Increasing the level of impression is a must. From the very start of your job application, you need to impress the prospective employer. Doing so can elevate your chance of getting hired. Of course, you need to undergo the hiring process. When you have this document, be reminded, the interview process (which is part of the entire hiring procedure) will easily be handled and managed. The facts and information in your portfolio document can be utilized as the bases when you answer the most difficult questions during the job interview. The interviewers will throw some hard-to-answer questions. This is a fact. But you need to be ready and one of the important strategies to get ready is to have a well-documented and well-organized portfolio document.

Emphasizing the most important portfolio aspects

Maybe, you will ask yourself this question: Do I have the huge chance to be hired for the job or position I am applying for? To answer this question, you have to determine the most important aspects in a portfolio document. What to include? This is the focus of the subsequent context.

Work philosophy

This is the first thing which you need to include in your entire portfolio document. Your work philosophy should always be ready. This is a guiding principle. It serves as the energy that fuels your enthusiasm and vigor being a website designer/or developer. Your job is very important in today’s business landscape. No business today will operate without a website. That is why most businesses badly need a web developer to help their brand become visible to the eyes of the target audiences. Crafting a powerful work philosophy is really important because it can help the hiring company understand how passionate you are as a website creator.

Personal statement

Your personal statement serves as the overall summary of your career. It must be inspiring, so to speak. You need to create this because it can make your direction clear. The hiring company wants to know if you’re committed with your own craft. That is why it is advised to create a personal statement. Along with your work philosophy, you will be considered as one of the best job candidates. When you’re shortlisted, your personal statement matters again. Why? Because the hiring department of the company you’re applying will see to it that they will choose only the best from the shortlisted candidates. Landing a job is therefore based on this particular aspect.


Of course, you have to show off what you’ve really got. As a competitor of a certain job position, the evaluation results must be favorable for you. The implication is that you can win the tight job competition when you have outstanding and awesome accomplishments. Your accomplishments can be shown through the successful websites that you created and published in the past. The hiring company will choose only the fittest candidate for the job. No more, no less. They will be investing their money for the salary of the soon-to-be-hired website developer. Hence, it is vital that you can showcase your talent and skill sets through the citation of successful business websites.

Training certificates

You can’t become a legitimate and credible web developer when you don’t have training. The point is that you need to show to the company you’re applying for that you have attended related training sessions. The certificates you will include in your portfolio will give you more “plus points.” Don’t deviate from this suggestion because it plays a vital role for you to succeed in your job application. For real, education really matters because it helps mold your skill sets and knowledge. What you practice should be the theories that you know. That is why it is crucially important to be educated in the field that you are in. As a website developer, you need to secure some training certificates regarding website design, development, and marketing. And to make your job application so impressive, you’re advised to include the training certificates in the website developer portfolio document.


This is the last thing to have as far as having the best front end developer portfolio examples is concerned. The recommendation letters from your previous employers really matter. They are great to help you have more valid points for consideration. Be reminded that the company that opens the job position for the applicants will spend time for thorough scrutinies and evaluations. Once you can have recommendations from satisfied clients, chances are, you will land the job you’re applying for. The recommendation letters will definitely gauge how professional and knowledgeable you are as a website developer applicant.


Landing a job requires you to be passionate, clever and brilliant. Be determined that you can be shortlisted. But then, of course, you should not rely on pure luck. You need to work on it. Making an impressive portfolio is the best thing to have. At the end of the day, the company you’re applying for will base their decision on the evidence that you are going to present. If your accomplishments are outstanding and you have supporting documents, you can have the great chance to land the applied job.


As a website developer, you need to be ready to take the challenge. The road to victory might be an all-uphill climb at first. But success is easy to attain when you hit the momentum. Real secret? Impress the hiring company through a powerful portfolio document. Nothing more, nothing less.

Best Front End Developer Portfolio Examples

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Best Front End Developer Portfolio Examples

When making front end developer portfolio examples, you have to consider many factors. Read this blog post completely to understand this context.

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