Qualities Of Good JavaScript Programmers

There is more to being a JavaScript programmer than just knowing this programming language. It's not enough that JavaScript programmers are good.

It is not enough that a person knows the JavaScript programming language to be good at it. There are more qualities that one needs to employ in order to become great at what they do.

This is actually a good time for JavaScript programmers. We are still in the middle of a pandemic. While COVID-19 certainly rocked our core for the worse, if you just look at it as a glass half full, you’ll find that there are many things to learn from the experience.

People learned that the most basic hygienic practices like washing your hands and staying away from crowded places could keep you safe. Then there are also economic learnings like the importance of having a website.

It was always a given that websites are important in business. But during the pandemic, it became quite clear that a website is a lifeline in business, particularly when things go extremely bad. As in this case of the COVID-19 pandemic, where at the start, people were ordered to stay at home.

Currently, people are already venturing outside, but there are still those who prefer to keep it safe and just stay at home unless it’s absolutely necessary for them to go out. The point is, it became obvious that having a website is a necessity for businesses. That’s why it’s an opportunity for JavaScript programmers to make some—or a lot of—money. They are obviously quite essential during this time.

Why are JavaScript programmers essential?

JavaScript is the programming language that allows a website to do extraordinary things. That’s exactly what a business needs. Gone are the days when a basic website will cut it. Now, businesses need a website that is dynamic. More importantly, a website that allows people to make transactions would be ideal. That’s really a job for a JavaScript programmer.

JavaScript also allows the website to process quickly because it is just-in-time compiled. What does this mean? This means that the code is being executed during run time. This, as opposed to the code being processed beforehand. In other words, there is no processing time that would lag the website.

A website needs to be interactive in order to be efficient. When it is efficient, then people will have a great experience on the website that might lead to buying. JavaScript is necessary in making an interactive website. It’s not all about the physical beauty of the web pages. Efficiency really matters.

Now, say you are a JavaScript expert, does that mean you are a great JavaScript programmer? Not necessarily! There are other qualities that will make a good JavaScript programmer. Being an expert in the programming language only means that you know the language well enough.

Here are some qualities that make a great JavaScript programmer:

Always willing to learn

Technology is ever-changing. That is its nature. You can’t just allow technology to evolve while you remain static. You have to evolve with the technology. You have to study every improvement that technology brings.

There are so many ways to study nowadays. You don’t have to strictly abide by the learnings within the four walls of the classroom. You can take short courses or you can do your own digging on the internet—just make sure you find the right source of information. Don’t ever think that you have reached your peak. There is always something else to learn. If it’s not about the knowledge, then it’s about the skills.

Be open-minded always. Don’t think that you are the best. Always anticipate that your potential hasn’t been optimized yet. This will just make you a better JavaScript programmer as well as a better all-around person. The willingness to learn isn’t just a trait that a JavaScript developer should embody. This is something generic.



The concept of developing and programming should make you happy. If not, then at least, these should be things that will satisfy you. You will never be great at anything if you are not passionate. There is a level of passion needed in creating a great website. A website isn’t just a bunch of codes. There is a level of creativity to it. We all know that creativity just doesn’t flow without passion. 

Every JavaScript programmer should be passionate about their job. It will help them grow. This quality would also allow a person to be open to learning. So, if you have passion, you are guaranteed to have ticked at least two qualities in this list. JavaScript programming is really a technical skill. But we are not robots. Add some spice i.e. passion to the creation and it will be better.


There is this notion that JavaScript developers are nerds who don’t know how to interact with people. Well, if you want to be the best that you can be, you have to learn how to communicate well. When it comes to creating and developing, communicating through output doesn’t just fly. This is especially true when it comes to creating a website. 

Website development is about collaboration. The client tells you what they want and then you create something based on that. But it is a back-and-forth thing. You can’t just accept everything a client tells you even though you know that it won’t be good. 

There should be a meeting of the minds. You have to say what’s on your mind to make the project better. Communication is an important key in making a great website because there should be a balance between technical and non-technical matters. 


If you are a programmer, there is no lane that you should be staying at. You should be versatile enough to try different lanes. Not just try, you should be versatile enough to be an expert in different lanes, if that’s possible. 

That’s why you need to learn so that you won’t be stuck doing one thing all the time. It’s not just that. It gets pretty boring when you are on a routine. It keeps the passion alive when you are doing different things at different times. You can always go back to your favorite lane when you have to. But every now and then, you have to diversify. This will be good for your portfolio. 

If you are serious about being a great programmer, then you should want to get different clients. They will be varied and diverse. That will help you improve your work because you are learning a lot of different things. 

Qualities Of Good JavaScript Programmers

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Qualities Of Good JavaScript Programmers

There is more to being a JavaScript programmer than just knowing this programming language. It's not enough that JavaScript programmers are good.

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