Logo Design Studio: It All Starts With The Logo

The logo should be a priority when starting a business. A great logo could trigger a domino effect. Find the right logo design studio for your company.

When creating a business, a brand logo seems to be a minor thing for most entrepreneurs. For many, the most important matters are the name, products and services. They are not wrong. However, every business person should consider the logo to be just as important. 

Products and services are the core of every business, so to speak. There is no business without them. However, the name and the logo are just part of the business’s branding. The business will not attract customers without branding. This is the reason why you need to hire a branding firm with a background in complex marketing strategies. Branding can’t easily be done. It requires proper knowledge and right application. And of course, you need the help of a branding specialist to do the job for you.

Let’s go back now to the discussion about a brand logo. You should consider a logo as an important part when starting a business. Hire a logo design studio because it plays a vital role for success!

Why hire a logo design studio?

Would the money a business spends paying a logo design studio worth it? It is! When you think of a logo design studio, you think of professionalism and expertise. Sure, you can design your own logo. Perhaps you know someone who can create a logo for you. But would that logo have any impact? A logo is a brand design. It is the face of your design. It’s like when you see the check mark, known as the Swoosh, on a certain item. There is no brand name but you know that it’s Nike because of the Swoosh. 

A professional logo maker, who is usually also a part of a logo design studio, knows how to create a symbol that will have a brand connotation. It’s not just about creating a beautiful design. It’s also about creating a logo that represents the company

Take a look at FedEx. It is an international delivery service. The logo is a shortcut of its company name: Federal Express. When you look at it, it’s easy to say that it’s exactly just that: a shortcut of the name of the company. However, if you really look at the logo, you’ll see an arrow in. What’s the significance of the arrow? The goal of FedEx is to be able to deliver packages as fast as they could. That’s the meaning of the arrow. It represents the speed that the company is known for. It’s also a straight arrow, which entails precision. Nobody wants their packages delivered to the wrong beneficiary. 

See? A logo is something that people really think about. This is the main advantage of hiring a logo design studio. In most cases, this type of company is focused on creating logos that are meaningful and beautiful. A studio is usually made up of different experts. There is the creative expert and the marketing or branding expert. When you merge these skills, you will get a logo that is as unforgettable as the Swoosh or FedEx. 

Importance of brand logos

There are clear reasons why a brand logo is very important. Read the following context.

First impressions

Sometimes, people can remember a face, but not the name. It’s the same with logos. A good logo will create a strong first impression. In many cases, people might not immediately get the name of the company. But a great logo can catch a person’s attention. If they are touched enough, they might try to get to know the name of the company.

That’s why it’s important that your logo will be able to grab the attention of people. It should be attractive. You know how some people are shallow and they just want to get to know people based on their looks? It’s sort-of similar to logos. That’s the first step to recognition. People should be attracted to the logo first before it becomes memorable. 

Brand identity

The logo is your brand identity. It’s like the face of your business. It’s like seeing the Instagram logo. It doesn’t carry the name. It doesn’t even have an I hidden somewhere. But when people see that logo, they know it’s Instagram. That happens even when you are seeing the logo somewhere else. Usually, you see that logo on your phone—if you have Instagram. But even outside the confines of your phone screen, when you see that symbol that looks like a camera, you immediately know what it is.

It’s the same with people. When you see someone you know, you don’t have to check their ID. You don’t have to ask for their name. It’s in the face. That’s also something that businessmen should aim for their companies. They should aim to have a logo that people will immediately recognize even without seeing the name. Again, it goes back to having an attractive logo that people would love to remember.

The logo is the foundation of the company. It is imprinted on all materials pertaining to the company. The logo is seen on various company materials like stationeries and pens, among others. It is on the uniforms, if employees are required to wear them. It will be on sponsorships, too.

Determines everything else

Your logo is like the basis for the entire brand. That’s why it’s necessary that the logo will be created as soon as the company already has a name. It should be done first because everything else will be based on that logo. 

For example, you have a logo that is predominantly yellow. You want your store to also have splashes of yellow. Not too much. That would be overkill. But there should be pieces of the brand’s identity in there. 

We also mentioned office supplies. Aside from the logo being there, some of the products might also carry the company’s color or colors. There are also communication materials to consider. You want the name of the company or just the logo on the letterhead. This is what it means for the logo to be the foundation of the brand. 


You might have various competitors in your business. You don’t want customers to lump you with similar businesses. You want to be different. You want people to set you apart from the others. A logo does that! You are different. Your logo is your identity. If you are selling coffee, for example, you don’t want to mistake you for Starbucks. Even if Starbucks is the most popular coffee shop or brand around, you don’t want to be mistaken for it. 

You want your brand to stand on its own. You are creating a brand after all. Your brand should be distinctive. That’s why you need a great logo that will give you that unique identity and personality. Back to the importance of having a logo design studio create your company’s symbol, they already know the important indicators mentioned above. They have internalized those in every logo they have created in the past. 

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Logo Design Studio: It All Starts With The Logo

By They Make Design

Logo Design Studio: It All Starts With The Logo

The logo should be a priority when starting a business. A great logo could trigger a domino effect. Find the right logo design studio for your company.

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