Mockup Templates: Where to Get Them?

Mockup templates make digital presentations so much better. However, you need to find the right one for you to showcase your creativity. Here are four sites:

If you have the ability to make websites, now is the best time to really get the business going. The entire world is still experiencing a global pandemic. It’s a terrible time for businesses. Some countries have already opened their economy, however, it will never be the same again. 


Until there is a vaccine for the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19), there will always be people who prefer to stay at home unless they really need to go outside. There will always be a group of people who fear getting the virus so they would prefer to stay at home and avoid malls, restaurants and other areas usually occupied by a great number of people. 

These people who prefer to stay at home still need to eat and they still need to shop for supplies. On the other hand, there will always be small businesses which need to adapt to the social changes. They can really use your creativity to be able to economically survive in the world’s new normal. 


So open your personal computer or laptop and let your creativity shine. If you want some professional help, you can do so with the many mockup templates available online. 

Think of the internet as an ocean. There are fishes, a few mammals, some molluscs and crustaceans, among others. There is also a lot of trash!

When it comes to mockup templates, there are beautiful ones, functional ones, those that are of high quality, and some of them are also trash. This is why it is important that you know where to get high-quality PSD templates that can elevate your digital product.

Your website concept is definitely the heart and soul of your presentation. However, without the body that goes with it, the heart is just an organ and the soul is just an abstract concept. Ensconced in a body, the heart and soul makes a human.

That said, let’s make sure we have a body that allows the heart and soul to shine!

Here are four websites that can give you mockup templates that are functional, of high quality and are also pleasing to the eyes. These make up for a great mockup and will help elevate your digital product.

Where to download mockup templates

This digital store sells carefully crafted iPhone and device mockups that could make presentations shine. These mockups are great for website and App Store presentations. The clay mockups are actually kind of perfect. They work well and are surely of high quality.


I also like that every mockup comes out really professional. You can never go wrong with a professional layout even if you are designing for something that evokes fun and childishness. You can also make the fun aspect exude in your actual content—through images and words. Having them in a professional box really makes a difference.


The brand’s MacBook Pro Clay Mockup is quite versatile. The mockup will work well with corporate websites or online stores. They will also be great for any kind of digital product for entertainment. This is exactly what we mean by professional mockup. You can never go wrong with this or any other product from Ramotion.


This is a great website to get in touch with designers. The site showcases varied works from hundreds of designers. This way, you can really find what you are looking for. Some designs, especially when it comes to mockup templates, are available for download.


One of the most interesting mockup templates from the website is one made by UX designer Tran Mau Tri Tam. Now their design definitely has the fun and young factor. So if you are designing a digital product that targets the young, they would have the go-to mockup.


Browsing through Tran Mau Tri Tam’s body of work led to the New MacBook Pro Mockup (Photoshop + Sketch). The mockup gives off a modern vibe. It’s kind of sexy, too, which makes it perfect for websites that are more female oriented—whether you are going for women-led organizations or online stores that sell women’s favorites like bags and shoes.


You know what the best thing about this website is? A lot of the mockups are available for free download. Just give the artist some respect and maybe share the mockup to your social media platforms.


Mind you, this company is about creativity in general. This means that the platform is not just for mockup templates, there is a whole range of content like illustrations, photos and presentation templates that are not necessarily digital in nature. This is a world of mockups of all kinds.


It makes sense that this is a great place to find a mockup template for your presentation then. Browsing through the site is actually quite fun because you will find mockups that are out of this world. Just one example: a mockup showing a skewed laptop. This is definitely not something you should use when you are making a corporate website or even an online store. This is something that is more for a comedic site or something that believes in the extraordinary.


Don’t worry, though, the website is a repository of mockups. You will even find a mockup that will suit your preference and need.


The name itself will tell you that this is a great place to find a mockup template that would suit your presentation needs. Just like Freepik, this is a presentation haven. It has mockups of all kinds. T-shirt designers can download a T-shirt mockup generator, while those who want to create stationeries have paper mockup sets to choose from.


The site has this iMac with Keyboard on Wooden Desk Mockup that is perfect if you are designing a website that will help people who are working from home. The wooden desk indicates an office setting. But it’s also quite homey because of a succulent. There is also a glass ashtray on the desk, which definitely indicates that the setting is not a home office.


There are plenty more templates that are similar in nature featuring different settings. The accessories can help you create a narrative about your digital product.

Mockup World

There you have it! Four websites to boost your creativity. Sometimes, you need professional help to make your output become its best version. It also makes work easier for you. This way, you just need to concentrate on making your content attractive and enticing.

Mockup Templates: Where to Get Them?

By They Make Design

Mockup Templates: Where to Get Them?

Mockup templates make digital presentations so much better. However, you need to find the right one for you to showcase your creativity. Here are four sites:

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